Shenyang homes lost 5 watch loss of four million

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Recently, shenyang heping district in a high-grade the wang family stolen, lost home 5 watch and a porcelain, throw things not many, but the number value have seven digits. 

According to the liaoning radio and television stations reported on Wednesday, wang found home was stolen, through the surveillance video to see the day 13 when xu, a thief into wang home, stole a porcelain. Ms. Wang said porcelain value is expensive, in addition and place them in your bedroom 5 watch stolen, the most expensive a value more than 300, 5 watch overall value is in 4 million yuan or so. 

Ms. Wang day back home, he found his home is not turning, wang traces of the back door of the house have been move traces, analysis the thief may be pry open a door to enter from here. 

Ms. Wang said she didn't know your home is back door, the door is fire channel, can pass to the negative one, second, each layer of the door is open, in and out is very convenient. Now wang has alarm. Through the staircase surveillance video display, is a middle-aged man into the wang family. 

Property to know about it, but it has no definite statement. Property manager said that at present the case is detected in the process, the police have in 
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the survey, property will cooperate fully with. 

According to the reporter can easily into the community, property manager said at the door of the village there are security, to come in people have asked for it, investigation, if there is a negligence action must be. According to the fire channel and others put small labeling, the manager said at present in the community and in decorating, they will strengthen management. 

Ms. Wang said that if the property do not give satisfactory answer, she will resort to law. 

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